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    We're growing in 2023!

    Zero Games Studios is still growing in 2023. We're searching for new cool people to work with us on new PC, consoles & mobile projects. Find our job offers by clicking on this link! 



    Our culture

    Zero Games is a quite flat company with no unnecessary bureaucracy preventing our devs/designers/artists doing their job efficiently. Your opinions are important, whatever your job is, whatever if you're junior or experienced. For us, work/life balance is crucial. Crunching is not our policy and will never be. We don't really care if you want to take a nap in middle of day, go walk your dog or begin to work late/finish early as long as you're doing your job right and efficiently. Good atmosphere is the key to make great games. We have no problems to work with juniors and train them to become better. Many good developers/artists/designers/producers working at key roles on big worldwide productions began their journey in video game industry thanks to Zero Games.

    Zero Games Team @ Game Camp Lille France