• Welcome to Zero Games Studios !

    Independant Video Games / Mobile Application / Innovative Technologies creators since 2013

  • Unity Engine Development

    Unity Engine is our speciality. We use this wonderful 2D/3D game engine for a great number of game projects

    Third Party Development Studio

    PC, Mac, Linux, Consoles & VR
    Game Development and Ports

    We really love video games. We are able to develop on the platform of your choice the game of your dreams !

    Mobile Development

    iOS, Android, Windows Phone, ....
    Mobile devices have absolutely no secrets for our technical team.

    Mobile Publishing

    Zero Games Studios can help you to publish your games and apps.

    We offer expertise and support to market your products to the target audience for optimum results !

    As a publisher, we can help you to maximise your downloads thanks to a dedicated team with extensive publishing experience.


    Contact us now !

    Serious Games & Advergames

    You need to a create serious games or an advergames ?


    We think a serious game must be educational, not annoying.

    An Advergame must show how fun your brand is and help you to improve your visibility.


    We know how to create something which will improve your brand and your communication. In this modern world, customers are invaded by information and advertising.

    Internal and external communication needs to catch people's attention. That's why games are one of the best solution : because we all learn faster and are more attentive when having fun !


    The rules must be simple, your message must be direct.

    Don't hesitate to contact us !

  • We are at the cutting edge of technology

    We are developing our own middlewares and internal software to be able to create high-quality work for our partners, thanks to our technical knowledge and experience.

    If you need more informations about our internal technologies, don't hesitate to contact us.


    Powerful G.U.I. system for Unity Engine

    Vo-Shell Engine

    Real-Time 3D Meshes Deformation

    Nuggets Engine

    Special Internal Middleware

  • Our Games

    Passion is the trademark of indie studios. Our enthusiastic team is working to deliver incredible gaming experiences to players from everywhere ...

    Total World War

    Turn-based strategy with gore combats featuring "Donny Tramp" !

    (iOS / Android / PC / Consoles)

    Publisher : TBA


    Chicken Slaughter

    Chickens want to kill you !

    (iOS / Android / Windows phone)

    Publisher : Zero Games Studios


    Games Of Glory

    Games of Glory is a Futuristic MOBA with intense action by Lightbulb Crew.

    (PC / PS4)

    Publisher / Developer : Lightbulb Crew


    Extreme Gear :

    Demolition Arena

    The ultimate demolition derby game on mobile. Acclaimed by players with average ratings up to 5/5 stars in many countries !

    (iOS / Android)

    Publishers : Zero Games Studios, Greenlight Games & Medrick FZE (MENA Area)


    Peter & Wendy : In Neverland

    Classic hidden object game in Peter Pan's world

    (PC / Mac / iOS / Android)

    Publisher : Microïds


    Red Johnson's Chronicles

    Puzzles and crime investigation in the city of Metropolis

    (iOS / Android)

    Publisher : Microïds


  • Our Mobile Applications

    From the most serious mobile applications to the most light-hearted/fun, we work on your projects with the same care as if they were our own.


    Internal Application for the European leading security company Verisure



    Ikea  Game

    Serious Game / Treasure Hunting game for Ikea


    Quizz Grands Moulins de Paris

    Quizz mobile application for an event related to "Grands Moulins de Paris"
    (Web / iOS / Android)


    Action Movie Generator

    The best generator of incredible action movies scenarios !

    (iOS / Android)


    Club Med Challenge : Go for happiness !

    Application for a special event created by the Club Med.



    The application of "Comité Féminin pour la Prévention et le Dépistage des cancers", the creators of the pink ribbon : contain useful informations about breast cancer detection.

    (iOS / Android)


  • The Core Team

    The Zero Games Studios team has several years experience working on high-profile video games and projects for prestigious publishers and development studios :


    +12 millions games sold or downloaded: R.U.S.E., Wargame : European Escalation, Farming Simulator series, Exalight, Orcs and Mens, Tour de France series, Pro Cycling Manager series, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, Game of Thrones, Empire of Sports, Rotastic, etc ...

    Pierre-Luc VETTIER

    Pierre-Luc VETTIER


    Creative Director

    Head of Business Dev.

    Some says he has a wardrobe full of only jeans and polo shirts. That would be the reason why you never see him in anything else.

    Jean TRAMIER

    Jean TRAMIER


    Financial Director

    Head of Publishing

    He is best known as "Mr Cowboy Boots". Legend has it that he even keeps them on while he's sleeping.

    Alban FERON

    Alban FERON

    Lead Developer

    Wizard of the code


    The most mysterious thing about Alban is that his wizard beard seems to disappear, then suddenly reappear!

    Guillaume SECHER

    Guillaume SECHER

    Lead Producer



    He has long hair since 2004.

    There are rumors about showbiz celebrities and top models being jealous of his magnificent tresses.

    Doriane GRANGER

    Doriane GRANGER

    Artistic Director

    Lead 3D/2D Artist

    Punk of the team

    It seems that she had a problem with her untamable hair. To try to solve this, she got a new punk cut..., but it hasn't changed anything...

    Norman HENRY

    Gabin FERELLEC

    Plush lover

    Gabin seems to be the new weirdo of the team.
    We haven't found any pic of him without a plush, which seems to be his only passion.

    Tanguy Belouin

    Tanguy BELOUIN

    3D/2D Artist
    Junior of the team


    Tanguy is the younger member of the team.
    As he's still a kid, we let him eat all candies he wants during teatime.


    Aurélien Perruchot

    Aurélien PERRUCHOT



    Since he joined our team, he tries to beat Guillaume at our internal "I have the longest hair possible" weekly contest.


    Axel Jacquet

    Axel JACQUET

    Assistant Producer
    Game Designer

    As Guillaume's new assistant, we all know in the studio that Axel will be his new victim. We took bets about how many times he will have to make coffees for his new chief !

    Sovann TATH

    Sovann TATH

    3D Animator



    As our new 3D animator, Sovann has to manage the coolest animations : characters deaths, dismemberment, explosions, more deaths ... Only cool things !

    Jean-Daniel Bouvet

    Jean-Daniel BOUVET

    Concept Artist



    JD is a mysterious man: artist during day time, he seems to be a super-hero at night, which explain why he have problems to wake-up!


    Julien LAGUERRE

    Julien LAGUERRE

    Sound Artist

    Music Composer


    We hired Julien because his name means "The War" in French and we're working on a War game.

    That's as simple as that ...


    Norman HENRY

    Norman HENRY

    Music Composer

    SFX Designer

    Lookalike award of the team

    Lots of girls says he's a Ryan Gosling lookalike. But we think they are wrong : Ryan Gosling is a Norman Henry lookalike.


  • Olivier Mothes - Manifestory

    "Working with Zero Games, is first zero defects, then zero hassles and especially zero limits.
    But it' s above all a very committed team that adapts to all constraints. Congrats to the whole team! "

    "Travailler avec l'équipe Zero Games, c'est d'abord zéro défaut, puis zéro prise de tête et surtout zéro limites.

    Mais c'est avant tout une équipe très engagée qui s'adapte à toutes les contraintes. Bravo à toute l'équipe !"


    Pierre Tarsiguel - 458 Studio

    "It's always a pleasure for me to work with Zero Games because it's a company that combines a lot of talent and a devastating creative madness. If I have to partner with a video game studio to bring my projects to fruition, I choose Zero Games ! "

    "C'est toujours un plaisir pour moi de travailler avec Zero Games car c'est une entreprise mêlant beaucoup de talents et une folie créative dévastatrice. Si je dois m'associer à un studio de jeux vidéo pour concrétiser mes projets, c'est bien Zero Games et les yeux fermés !"

    Jean's Grandmother

    "Zero Games are the best ! And I don't say only this because it's my grandson studio ..."
    "Zero Games sont de loin les meilleurs ! Et je ne dit pas ça uniquement parce que c'est le studio de mon petit-fils ..."

  • Partners

    They work with us, we work with them !

    458 Studio

    3D Videos and Cinematics

    Based in Montpellier, south of France, 458 Studio is a very talented 3D studio that collaborate with Zero Games Studios on many projects.

    Unity Technologies

    Game Engine Provider

    As Unity 3D Engine specialists, Zero Games Studios recommand this wonderful game engine which allow us to create nearly all our games.


    Communication Agency

    Manifestory is a big Parisian communication agency who works with Zero Games on serious games projects for various customers.

    Lightbulb Crew

    Video Games Studio

    Lightbulb Crew is a Swedish/French developer specialized in multiplayer PC and Console games.


    Security and Alarms Systems

    Verisure is the European leader of security and alarm systems.

    Sporty Tech

    Virtual Sports Betting

    Sporty-Tech is one of the best turnkey betting platform thanks to various sports and lottery games.

    Medrick FZE

    Video Games Publisher

    Medrick FZE is a leading video games publisher for Iranian and MENA markets

    Patte Blanche

    Communication Agency

    Patte Blanche is a communication agency based in Paris and Montpellier.

    Greenlight Games

    Video Games Publisher

    Greenlight Games is a mobile video games worldwide publisher

    Warner Music

    Musical Production

    Warner Music Group is one of the biggest musical production company in the world.


    Video Games Publisher

    Microïds is a French video games publisher with strong expertise on adventure and hidden objects games. We sporadically work on their projects.

    Anuman Interactive

    Video Games & Apps Publisher

    Anuman Interactive is a video games and mobile applications publisher based in the Paris area.

    We worked on few of their games projects during last years.


    French Video Game Syndicate

    Zero Games is member of SNJV.
    The reason of our membership is not only because we think Julien is a very cool guy : SNJV is important part of French Video Games Industry.

    Capital Games

    Paris Area Video Games Cluster

    Zero Games is member of Capital Games

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  • Where are we located ?

    Zero Games Studios is based in the Paris Area.
    It is the best city for creative minds and artists. And it is also the perfect place if you want to meet people coming from all over the world and share unforgettable experiences.

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