• Welcome to Zero Games Studios !

    Independant Video Games / Mobile Application / Innovative Technologies creators since 2013

    Unity & Unreal Engine development specialists

  • Third Party / "Work For Hire" Development Studio


    PC / Mac / Linux / Consoles / VR

    Full Game Development, Co-development, Original IPs & Porting.

    Development, 2D / 3D Outsourcing & Game Design


    We really love making video games.

    Our team is able to develop on the platform of your choice the game of your dreams, whatever the engine !

    Unity Engine Development

    Unity Engine is one of our specialities. We use this wonderful 2D/3D game engine for a great number of game projects

    Unreal Engine Development

    Unreal Engine is one of the most powerful game engine we use to create games.


    From consoles to PC, PC to mobile or mobile to consoles or PC to consoles, our porting team works on many different engines.

    We work fast, efficiently and can provide technical expertise to adapt your games to the targeted platforms.

    We can also create updated versions of your older games to modern consoles.

    Mobile Development

    iOS, Android, Windows Phone, ....
    Thanks to our great experience into making apps, mobile devices have absolutely no secrets for our technical team.

    Serious Games / Learning games

    We think a serious game must mix education and fun.

    Serious Games must use same mechanics as traditional games, but with a different approach to ensure it will reach its objectives without being annoying. Just because we all learn faster and have a better understanding of our environment when playing.

    Thanks to our experience into this field, Zero Games is able to develop the product you need.



    You need to a create advergames ?


    An Advergame must show how fun your brand is and help you to improve your visibility.


    Thanks to our expertise, we know how to create something which will improve your brand and your communication. In this modern world, customers are invaded by information and advertising.

    Internal and external communication needs to catch people's attention. That's why games are one of the best solution : we pay more attention to brands when having fun !


    The rules must be simple, your message must be direct.

    Don't hesitate to contact us !

  • Technology is part of our team

    We are developing our own middlewares and internal software to be able to create high-quality work for our partners, thanks to our technical knowledge and experience.

    If you need more informations about our internal technologies, don't hesitate to contact us.


    Powerful G.U.I. system for Unity Engine

    Strategy Game Engine

    Using Unity 3D, Zero Games created its own strategy game engine & related tools.

    Nuggets Engine

    Special Internal Middleware

    Racing Engine

    Zero Games has its own racing game engine with high level physics

    Vo-Shell Engine

    Real-Time 3D Meshes Deformation

  • Our Games

    Passion is the trademark of indie studios. Our enthusiastic team is working to deliver incredible gaming experiences to players from everywhere ...

    Super World War

    Turn-based strategy with gore combats and mad generals.

    (PC / Switch)

    Publisher : T.B.A.


    Herd box

    Music & Bisons incoming in your phone !

    (iOS / Android)

    Co-Developer : La Belle Games

    Publisher : IOHK


    Mystic Midway : Rest in Pieces 2

    Mystic Midway is back...

    (PC / Switch / iOS / Android)

    Publisher : T.B.A.


    Planet Go

    Everyone can do something to help planet Earth in this Augmented Reality game

    (iOS / Android)

    Publisher / Developer : DJPUMM


    Fernbus Coach Simulator

    Drive the best coaches around Germany

    (PC / PS5 / Xbox Series)

    Developer : TML Studio

    Publisher : Aerosoft


    Last Breath Before Hell

    (Unofficial Doom Map Pack)

    Free unofficial map pack for cult-classic 1993 shooter Doom.


    When it's done.

    Hot Lap Racing

    The racing game you want to play pedal to the metal !


    Publisher : T.B.A.


    Hell Diggers (The Sandbox)

    Hack n' Slash available soon in The Sandbox metaverse


    Publisher : The Sandbox


    Battle Dawn 2: Terra Reborn

    Classic MMORTS is coming back 15 years later !

    (PC / iOS / Android)

    Publisher : Gato Games


    Tourist Bus Simulator

    Bus driving simulation with management aspect

    (PC / PS5 / Xbox Series)

    Developer : TML Studio

    Publisher : Aerosoft



    Powerz offers an unique experience combining video games and education.


    Publisher/Developer : PowerZ


    Roots Of Tomorrow

    F2P agricultural management simulation game


    Publisher / Developer : Gamabilis



    World's first petaverse with NFTs!

    (iOS / Android)

    Publisher : Dogami


    Out Of Line

    An unique adventure game filled with beautiful puzzles all hand-draw in an unique 2D style.

    (PC / Switch)

    Developer : Nerd Monkeys

    Publisher : Hatinh Interactive


    Urban Trial Tricky

    Fun motorbike tricks game filled with cartoon visuals and mad moves

    (Switch / PS4 / Xbox One)

    Publisher / Developer : Tate Multimedia



    Peaceful, minimalist, inventive and relaxing adventure-puzzle game

    (PC / Switch)

    Developer : My Dog Zorro

    Publisher : Plug In Digital


    Pat the dog

    Pat The Dog is back!
    Officially licenced casual mobile game inspired by the successful animated series.

    (iOS / Android)

    Publisher : Plug In Digital


    The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature

    Write your own version of Mary Shelley's novel in this beautiful adventure game.

    (PC / Switch / Mobile)

    Developer : La Belle Games

    Publisher : Arte Creative


    Steel Division 2

    A real-time strategy masterpiece.


    Publisher / Developer : Eugen Systems


    Garfield Wild Ride

    Garfield Wild Ride is a platformer for young audience in the universe of Garfield.

    (iOS / Android)

    Developer : Vetasoft

    Publisher : Microïds


    V-Rally 4

    Classic rally game is back !

    (PC / PS4 / Xbox One)

    Developer : KT Racing

    Publisher : Big Ben Interactive


    WRC 7

    Officially licenced WRC racing game.
    We worked on graphic assets for the game.

    (PC / PS4 / Xbox One)
    Developer : KT Racing

    Publisher : Big Ben Interactive


    Chicken Slaughter

    Chickens want to kill you ! Kill them first !
    One of the most silly game in mobile stores.

    (iOS / Android / Web)

    Publisher : Zero Games Studios


    Games Of Glory

    Games of Glory is a Futuristic MOBA with intense action by Lightbulb Crew.

    (PC / PS4)

    Publisher / Developer : Lightbulb Crew


    Extreme Gear : Demolition Arena

    The ultimate demolition derby game on mobile. Acclaimed by players with average ratings up to 5/5 stars in many countries !

    (iOS / Android)

    Publisher : Zero Games Studios


    Red Johnson's Chronicles

    Puzzles and crime investigation in the city of Metropolis

    (iOS / Android)

    Publisher : Microïds


  • The Core Team

    The Zero Games team has several years experience working on high-profile video games and projects for prestigious publishers and development studios. Here are some members of our core team :


    Our team worked on multiple bestsellers on PC, consoles and mobile with wide variety of genres such as strategy, racing, survival horror or adventure games.

    Jean TRAMIER

    Jean TRAMIER



    Head of Studio

    He is best known as "Mr Cowboy Boots". Legend has it that he even keeps them on while he's sleeping.


    Pierre-Luc VETTIER

    Pierre-Luc VETTIER


    Creative Director

    Head of Business Dev.

    Some says he has a wardrobe full of only jeans and polo shirts. That would be the reason why you never see him in anything else.

    Alban FERON

    Alban FERON


    Wizard of the code

    Alban is more or less Tanguy's nemesis. He don't like artists, designers and his real passion is playing frisbee.

    Guillaume SECHER

    Guillaume SECHER

    Production Director


    Game master

    Known as the man with the most beautiful long hair: there are rumors about showbiz celebrities being jealous of his magnificent tresses.

    Tanguy Belouin

    Tanguy BELOUIN

    Art Director

    3D/2D Artist

    Shaders specialist

    Don't talk about shaders to Tanguy. Never.

    But it's also true that it can be fun to do it, so...

    Lilian GIMENEZ


    Unreal Engine expert


    Lilian is our Unreal Engine expert.
    He may be our only developer to not dislike Game Designers and Artists.

    Alexia Neufond

    Alexia NEUFOND




    Alexia's life is hard. She must avoid Tanguy's trying to put new shader's tasks in her backlog and work with the dreaded Alban at same time.

    Naddir Meridji

    Naddir MERIDJI

    Lead Game Designer


    As if we hadn't already enough RPG players, we decided to hire a game designer who will join our long haired roleplay team !

    Maeva Davis

    Maëva DAVIS

    Concept Artist

    Character Artist

    Tatoo Artist

    Everybody's a bit afraid of Maëva here: try to annoy her and she will threaten to break your shins. And she don't seems to joke...

    Florent WASSEN




    Since one of our partners mistook Florent for a lead developer, we suspect him to target a real lead role, and even to try to take control of the studio with a world domination plan.

    Bastien LINCONNU

    3D Artist

    Additionnal Concept Artist

    We don't have any picture of Bastien, and we don't know what he looks like as he don't want to be known. Funny thing is that his name means Unknown in French...

    Antoine MULLEY




    He must be one of our quietest developer. He's one of these cool guys that don't speak much: even his messages on our internal chat system never exceed 6 words.

    Tony TAYSSE

    First Associate Producer

    Game Designer

    Q.A. Tester

    One of Tony's missions is to protect Guillaume from Pierre-Luc random mad ideas and projects incoming from nowhere.

    Kim LE DINH


    Consoles ports expert


    Kim may be shy, but he's a real beast when it comes to consoles porting, whatever the challenge !

    Grégoire LEBAS




    (Searching for Greg's description... Loading...)



    Quentin HUBERT

    Technical Game Designer



    (Searching for Quentin's description... Loading...)

    Ella HERANT

    Game Designer

    Versatile Artist


    (Searching for Ella's description... Loading...)

    Paul-Alexandre "PAD" DOURNEL

    Game Designer

    Sound Designer

    Music Composer

    Former composer, PAD is now working as a designer and is one of the leaders of our "Magic The Gathering" club !

    Clément ROMANET

    Game Designer

    VFX Artist


    Poor Clément had been a student of Naddir and Pierre-Luc when in high school. Now he has to work again with them!

    William LAYEC

    3D/2D Artist

    Voxel Artist

    Technical Artist

    (Searching for William's description... Loading...)

    Marion SANTONI

    3D Artist

    Voxel Artist


    (Searching for Marion's description... Loading...)

    Alexandre DEREUSME




    (Searching for Alexandre's description... Loading...)

    Julia NAVENNEC

     Concept Artist



    (Searching for Julia's description... Loading...)

    Anthony MARCHAND

    VFX Artist



    (Searching for Anthony's description... Loading...)

    Lydie LAVENU

    3D Artist



    (Searching for Lydie's description... Loading...)

    Aubry MIS

    Concept Artist



    (Searching for Aubry's description... Loading...)

    Matthieu CARON

    Consoles developer
    Port team member


    (Searching for Matthieu's description... Loading...)

    Sacha CARLIER




    (Searching for Sacha's description... Loading...)

    Clément FAURE

    Concept Artist



    (Searching for Clément's description... Loading...)

    Theo FORAY




    (Searching for Theo's description... Loading...)

    Norman HENRY

    Norman HENRY

    Music Composer

    SFX Designer

    Lookalike award of the team

    Lots of girls says he's a Ryan Gosling lookalike. But we think they are wrong : Ryan Gosling is a Norman lookalike.

    Mathilde DURAND



    (Searching for Mathilde's description... Loading...)

    Romain HENOCQUE

    3D Artist

    Environment Artist


    (Searching for Romain's description... Loading...)

    Yoann DESITTER

    3D Artist

    Vehicle Artist


    (Searching for Yoann's description... Loading...)





    (Searching for Qais's description... Loading...)

    Marjolaine CANIVET

    Community Manager



    (Searching for Marjolaine's description... Loading...)

    Enzo BARLES




    (Searching for Enzo's description... Loading...)


    Lead Security Officer

    Bark at strangers

    Bite delivery men

    As a good guard dog, Maya is in charge to protect Zero Games people. And she does it very well !
    So who's a good girl ?



    THE REAL BOSS of the company
    Queen of naps
    Purr machine

    Everybody knows the truth : Ruby is the real boss of our studio. She takes all crucial decisions and wants a lot of cuddles.


     Meetings leader



    Pilou seems to have control of Lilian's desk & computer. He appears on his camera in all team meetings and then leads the discussions.


    Julia's cuddles machine



    She's controlling Julia's hand... So now we don't really know who's the real artist here !


    Fluffiness Manager



    Ganja is mega fluffy and likes to leave a bit of fur in Quentin's mouse so he can't work !


    Serial Yawning Cat



    6 kgs of love and cuddles. No she's not overweight, she's just expending her petting surface !


    Cables destroyer



    Poupi is small and cute but he knows very well how to chew Bastien's PC cables !

    Jaw "Douzy"

    Chewing everything



    Chew chew chew... Chew chew chew... Chew chew chew...


    They worked with us and are part of Zero Games Studios history...

    Rémy Slysz, Frédéric Vauchelles, Océane Froment, Lauréline Chambon, Célia Nekoui, Yann Beaufils, Doriane Granger, Camille Gangneux, Julien Laguerre, Axel Jacquet, Aurélien Perruchot, Louise Arquembourg, Lucas Delvalle, Carl Mansour, Valentin Goulmy, Jérôme Portal, Sovann Tath, Benoit Ponchon, Gabin Ferellec, Jean-Daniel Bouvet, Romain Vivier, Cyril Beaudot, Laetitia Saulnier,...

  • O. Mothes - Manifestory

    "Working with Zero Games, is first zero defects, then zero hassles and especially zero limits.
    But it' s above all a very committed team that adapts to all constraints. Congrats to the whole team! "


    "Travailler avec l'équipe Zero Games, c'est d'abord zéro défaut, puis zéro prise de tête et surtout zéro limites.

    Mais c'est avant tout une équipe très engagée qui s'adapte à toutes les contraintes. Bravo à toute l'équipe !"


    P. Tarsiguel - Menhir FX

    "It's always a pleasure for me to work with Zero Games because it's a company that combines a lot of talent and a devastating creative madness. If I have to partner with a video game studio to bring my projects to fruition, I choose Zero Games ! "


    "C'est toujours un plaisir pour moi de travailler avec Zero Games car c'est une entreprise mêlant beaucoup de talents et une folie créative dévastatrice. Si je dois m'associer à un studio de jeux vidéo pour concrétiser mes projets, c'est bien Zero Games et les yeux fermés !"

    C. Bache - La Belle Games

    "We asked Zero Games to port on Switch our game on the advice of an other company. It was a good advice as we are delighted to work with them, both professionally and personally."


    "Nous avons fait appel à Zero Games pour le portage Switch de notre jeu sur les conseils avisés d'un confrère. Ce fut un riche conseil, car nous sommes ravi de travailler avec eux, aussi bien sur le plan professionnel qu'humain."

    C. Casanova - Honoré Gaming

    "We had pleasure to work with Zero Games as part of development of a simulation under Unity.
    The studio was very creative and particularly professional. I highly recommend them "
    "Nous avons eu le plaisir de travailler avec le studio Zéro Games dans le cadre du développement d'une simulation sous Unity.
    Le studio s'est montré très créatif et particulièrement professionnel. Je les recommande très vivement"

    G. Renevier

    "Accurate, reliable and voluntary, the Zero Games team have been able to accompany us efficiently on complex need, for a demanding client..."


    "Précis, fiables, volontaires, les équipes Zero Games ont su nous accompagner avec efficacité sur un besoin complexe, pour un client exigeant..."

    Jean's Grandmother

    "Zero Games are the best ! And I don't say this because it's my grandson studio ..."

    "Zero Games sont de loin les meilleurs ! Et je ne dit pas ça uniquement parce que c'est le studio de mon petit-fils ..."

  • Partners

    They worked with us / We worked with them !

    La Belle Games

    Video Games Studio

    Founded by video games industry veterans, La Belle Games is specialized in games that are not only entertainment.

    Gato Games

    Video Games Publisher

    Gato Games publish MMORTS games such as Battle Dawn franchise.


    Video Games Publisher

    Aerosoft is a German publisher leader in the simulation games segment

    The Sandbox

    Virtual Metaverse

    The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences.

    Hatinh Interactive

    Video Games Publisher

    Hatinh Interactive is a publisher founded by video games industry veterans and focused on independant games.

    2Tainment GmbH

    Video Games Publisher

    Based in Germany, 2Tainment is publishing independant games on PC and consoles

    Vision Réelle

    Video Games Studio

    Vision Réelle is a racing games expert studio, creating their own productions on PC and consoles, as well as working as vehicle specialists in the racing games industry.

    Plug In Digital

    Video Games Publisher & Distributor

    Plug In Digital is one of the largest independent video game distributors. They help studios and publishers distributing their games on PC, consoles and mobile.

    Eugen Systems

    Video Games Studio

    Eugen Systems is considered as one of the best strategy games development studio in the world.


    Video Games Studio

    Gamabilis creates smart and impactful video games.



    Powerz wants to offers a new experience combining video games and education for children between 6 and 11 years old.

    Tate Multimedia

    Video Games Studio & Publisher

    Polish-based studio and publisher Tate Multimedia is well known for their adventure and motorbike games.

    Mehnir FX

    2D/3D Videos and Cinematics

    Menhir FX is a partner studio specialized in animation, FX and cinematics

    Kylotonn Games

    Video Games Studio

    Kylotonn is a Racing-specialized game development studio for consoles and PC platforms.

    Lightbulb Crew

    Video Games Studio

    Lightbulb Crew is a Swedish/French developer specialized in multiplayer PC and Console games.


    Video Games Publisher

    Microïds is a French video games publisher based in Paris.

    Honoré Gaming

    Virtual Sports Betting

    Honoré Gaming is one of the best turnkey betting platform thanks to various sports and lottery games.

    Capital Games

    Paris Area Video Games Cluster

    Zero Games is also member of Capital Games : the Parisian cluster of video games.


    French Video Game Syndicate

    Zero Games is member of SNJV.
    The reason of our membership is not only because we think Julien is a very cool guy : SNJV is important part of French Video Games Industry.

    One Innov

    Mobile App & Web development

    One Innov is our subsidiary company specialized into mobile applications creation, web development and VR experiences.

  • Frenquently Asked Questions

    If your question is not listed below, ask us by email !

    What is Zero Games Studios ?

    We're independant development studio working on PC, consoles and mobile games.
    As "work for hire" third party studio, we're working on very different types of game projects. Depending on our missions, we develop games entirely, we work as development/art outsourcing studio for various partners and we work on ports of soon to be released/existing games.
    Sometimes, when we have time, we also work on our own productions.

    Which technologies are you working on ?

    We mostly work on Unity and Unreal Engine.
    Also, we sometimes work on more exotic game engines depending on projects. Zero Games Studios also has its own internal tools for maximum efficiency.

    Are you searching for new people to expand your team ?

    We may have special needs for special projects. So if you have some special abilities matching these needs, feel free to send your resume and portfolio to jobs@zerogamesstudios.com
    We're open to junior candidates.

    Do you offer internships ?

    Yes we do. It's quite rare, but it happens. We prefer applicants that have a chance to stay in our team at the end of internship and become a full-time member of Zero Games Studios.

    I have a game idea. Can you develop it for free and we'll share benefits ?

    We would be happy to hear about your project, but as we are an independant studio (not backed by banks, big publishers or bigger companies) and making games is expensive, it means we absolutely can't afford to work for free.
    But, if you have an interesting project with realistic budget and planning, we can definitely help you !

    How much does it cost to create a *insert game name here* clone ?

    To be able to estimate cost of your project, we need detailed documents of your vision, your needs, planning and objectives.

    Otherwise it will be impossible to help you.

    I want to work with you, but don't want your name to appear on my game. Is it possible ?

    You'll not be the first one !
    Yes, it is possible. This service is charged extra fee.

    We are outsourcing dev company / freelance, are you interested by our services ?

    Really sorry, but no.
    We are known for creating everything internally and we don't want to outsource our work. It would be against our policy.

    We have a problem in the middle of our production and we need support, can you help us ?

    Don't worry, it happens to everyone one day or an other.
    Yes, we can.

    My daughter/son wants to work into video games. Can she/he come for a week in observation into your studio ?

    We're very sorry, but this is not possible.
    We have many people asking for this so we wouldn't be able to choose someone in particular to invite, and also because we're working on many projects and some are under non-disclosure agreements, which is not compatible with this policy.

    Can I come to your studio for visits ?

    We're afraid this is impossible. We're not set up for public tours. And our company work on many projects and some of them are under non-disclosure agreements.

    I want to work into video games and I need advices. Can you help me ?

    Send us an email, and we'll try to answer your questions.
    We try to help people as much as we can. Unfortunately we can't answer everybody, but it's a pleasure to give advices to people and help them reach their dreams.

    Can you send me a serial key for *insert game name* ?

    Nice try !
    But we won't.

    Why did you choose the name "Zero Games" ?

    Why not ?
    We heard funny stories about the choice of this weird name, so try to take a guess !

  • Would you like to know more ?

    Contact us !

    This is not a recruitment adress. If you're applying for a job, please send us an email at jobs@zerogamesstudios.com with your CV and Portfolio.

  • Careers

    Send your C.V. and portfolio to jobs@zerogamesstudios.com

    We're growing in 2022 (again...)

    Zero Games Studios is still growing in 2022. We're searching for new cool people to work with us on new PC, consoles & mobile projects.

    We're currently mainly searching for Unity Developers, Unreal Developers, Game/Level Designers, Narrative Designers & Artists. Junior candidates are welcome.


    Also, if racing games are something you really love, don't hesitate to mention it. It could be really helpful.


    Appreciated abilities :

    - Working remotely (mandatory.)

    - Speaking French fluently (or at least, being able to speak/understand French in professionnal environment) & good English level.

    - Being a cool/funny/helping teammate

    Our culture...

    - Zero Games is a quite flat company with no unnecessary bureaucracy preventing our devs/designers/artists doing their job efficiently.

    - Opinions of every Zero Games members are important. Whatever if you're junior or experienced.

    - Work/life balance is crucial. Crunching is not our policy.

    - Flexibility. We don't really care if you want to take a nap in middle of day, go walk your dog or begin to work late / finish early as long as you're doing your job right and efficiently.

    - Good atmosphere is the key to make great games.

    - We have no problems to work with juniors and train them to become better. Many good developers/artists/designers/producers working at key roles on big worldwide productions began their journey in video game industry thanks to Zero Games.

  • Where are we located ?

    Zero Games Studios is based in the Paris Area.
    It is the best city for creative minds and artists. And it is also the perfect place if you want to meet people coming from all over the world and share unforgettable experiences.

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