• The Dream Team

    The Zero Games team has several years experience working on high-profile video games and projects for prestigious publishers and development studios. Here are the members of our team! 

    Jean TRAMIER

    Jean TRAMIER



    Head of Studio

    He is best known as "Mr Cowboy Boots". Legend has it that he even keeps them on while he's sleeping.


    Pierre-Luc VETTIER

    Pierre-Luc VETTIER


    Creative Director

    Head of Business Dev.

    Some says he has a wardrobe full of only jeans and polo shirts. That would be the reason why you never see him in anything else.

    Alban FERON

    Alban FERON


    Wizard of the code

    Alban is more or less Tanguy's nemesis. He don't like artists, designers and his real passion is playing frisbee.

    Guillaume SECHER

    Guillaume SECHER

    Production Director


    Game master

    Known as the man with the most beautiful long hair: there are rumors about showbiz celebrities being jealous of his magnificent tresses.

    Tanguy Belouin

    Tanguy BELOUIN

    Art Director

    3D/2D Artist

    Shaders specialist

    Don't talk about shaders to Tanguy. Never.

    But it's also true that it can be fun to do it, so...

    Lilian GIMENEZ


    Unreal Engine expert


    Lilian is our Unreal Engine expert.
    He may be our only developer to not dislike Game Designers and Artists.

    Alexia Neufond

    Alexia NEUFOND




    Alexia's life is hard. She must avoid Tanguy's trying to put new shader's tasks in her backlog and work with the dreaded Alban at same time.

    Naddir Meridji

    Naddir MERIDJI

    Lead Game Designer
    U.X. Designer


    As if we hadn't already enough RPG players, we decided to hire a game designer who will join our long haired roleplay team !

    Maeva Davis

    Maëva DAVIS

    Concept Artist

    Character Artist

    Tatoo Artist

    Everybody's a bit afraid of Maëva here: try to annoy her and she will threaten to break your shins. And she don't seems to joke...

    Florent WASSEN




    Since one of our partners mistook Florent for a lead developer, we suspect him to target a real lead role, and even to try to take control of the studio with a world domination plan.

    Bastien LINCONNU

    3D Artist

    Additionnal Concept Artist

    We don't have any picture of Bastien, and we don't know what he looks like as he don't want to be known. Funny thing is that his name means Unknown in French...

    Antoine MULLEY




    He must be one of our quietest developer. He's one of these cool guys that don't speak much: even his messages on our internal chat system never exceed 6 words.

    Tony TAYSSE


    One of Tony's missions is to protect Guillaume from Pierre-Luc random mad ideas and projects incoming from nowhere.

    Kim LE DINH


    Consoles ports expert


    Kim may be shy, but he's a real beast when it comes to consoles porting, whatever the challenge !

    Grégoire LEBAS




    Greg is always in good mood, whatever happens. So we give him the most painful things to code as we know he won't complain that much about it!

    Quentin HUBERT

    Technical Game Designer


    We gave him the projects with the worst tools to work with, but he still manages to deliver at requested quality.

    Ella HERANT

    Game Designer

    Narrative Designer


    She designs, but apparently she spends her nights writing stories instead of sleeping. She's a new challenger in the Magic The Gathering Club, beware of her dragons!

    Paul-Alexandre "PAD" DOURNEL

    Game Designer

    Sound Designer

    Music Composer

    Former composer, PAD is now working as a designer and is one of the leaders of our "Magic The Gathering" club !

    William LAYEC

    Technical Artist

    3D/2D Artist

    Voxel Artist

    William is one of our most versatile member : tech artist, 3D/2D artist, voxel artist, concept artist, ... Seems like he could manage the studio alone !

    Marion SANTONI

    3D Artist

    Voxel Artist


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    Alexandre DEREUSME




    (Searching for Alexandre's description... Loading...)

    Lydie LAVENU

    3D Artist



    Inveterate brawler, if you are looking for her she will settle your account on Guilty Gear!

    Matthieu CARON

    Consoles developer
    Consoles ports expert


    While many people have animals as companions, Matthieu prefers Nintendo Switch devkits. It needs only minimal food to live.

    Theo FORAY




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    Norman HENRY

    Norman HENRY

    Music Composer

    SFX Designer

    Lookalike award of the team

    Lots of girls says he's a Ryan Gosling lookalike. But we think they are wrong : Ryan Gosling is a Norman lookalike.

    Romain HENOCQUE

    3D Artist

    Environment Artist


    After only one week here, he unlocked the achievement of the fastest artist who dared taunt Jonathan.

    And he's still alive!

    Yohan DESITTER

    3D Artist

    Vehicle Artist


    (Searching for Yoann's description... Loading...)

    Marjolaine CANIVET

    Community Manager

    Head of Marketing


    She's writing whatever she wants on this website. So team members can expect some vengeance in their descriptions if they're not kind enough!

    Enzo BARLES




    Our daddy bear, always wearing a t-shirt with furry animals on it.

    Basile VIEU




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    Jonathan MAROLE

    Racing Creative Director

    Lead Vehicle Artist

    3D Artist 

    Jonathan is our specialist in car (and Ricard)!

    Laure LE QUELLEC

    Business Developer



    Laure is our Japanese expert working as business developer alongside Pierre-Luc. She has to deal with his jokes all day long...

    Bernard TELLIEZ

    Bernard TELLIEZ




    (Searching for Bernard's description... Loading...)


    Lead Security Officer

    Bark at strangers

    Bite delivery men

    As a good guard dog, Maya is in charge to protect Zero Games people. And she does it very well !
    So who's a good girl ?




    Queen of naps
    Purr machine

    Everybody knows the truth: Ruby is the real boss of our studio. She takes all crucial decisions and wants a lot of cuddles.


    Meetings leader

    Pilou seems to have control of Lilian's desk & computer. He appears on his camera in all team meetings and then leads the discussions.


    Fluffiness Manager



    Ganja is mega fluffy and likes to leave a bit of fur in Quentin's mouse so he can't work !


    Serial Yawning Cat


    6 kgs of love and cuddles. No she's not overweight, she's just expending her petting surface !


    Cables destroyer

    Poupi is small and cute but he knows very well how to chew Bastien's PC cables !

    Jaw "Douzy"

    Chewing everything

    Chew chew chew... Chew chew chew... Chew chew chew...


    Bed keeper

    (Searching for Satan's description... Loading...)


    Box Squatter

    (Searching for Salem's description... Loading...)

    Maya (†)

    Oldest cat at ZGS

    Yes, her name was the same as PL's dog. She left us on March 6, 2023. 

    Rest in peace, Maya.

    The fish mafia

    Theo's fish gang

    Bloup bloup bloup, bloup bloup bloup bloup, bloup, bloup!


    Little lion

    A little lion with his tongue always out.





    Demon with the face of an angel

    Do his business in his human's bed because it is more comfortable than the litter box


    They worked with us and are part of Zero Games Studios history

    Rémy Slysz, Frédéric Vauchelles, Océane Froment, Lauréline Chambon, Célia Nekoui, Yann Beaufils, Doriane Granger, Camille Gangneux, Julien Laguerre, Axel Jacquet, Aurélien Perruchot, Louise Arquembourg, Lucas Delvalle, Carl Mansour, Valentin Goulmy, Jérôme Portal, Sovann Tath, Benoit Ponchon, Gabin Ferellec, Jean-Daniel Bouvet, Romain Vivier, Cyril Beaudot, Laetitia Saulnier, Sacha Carlier, Aubry Mis, Anthony Marchand, Julia Navennec, Mathilde Durand, Qais Beguellel, Clément Romanet, Clément Faure.


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