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Meet Enzo, developer at ZGS

· ZGS Team
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I started playing video games with my first console, the Playstation 2. I used to play the Rayman series and Ratchet & Clank. Such great memories! Later on, I discovered Nintendo franchises like Mario and Pokémon thanks to my GameBoy Advance SP. One of the games that left a lasting impression on me as a child was "The Simpsons: Hit and Run," a GTA-like game set in the Simpsons universe. Of course, my favorite character was Homer!

Currently, I've mostly moved away from console gaming, except for a few exclusives like Uncharted or Horizon. Now, on PC, I enjoy a good adventure game like DEATHLOOP. I also have fun playing Halo with my friends or starting yet another playthrough of Skyrim! However, whether it's AAA or indie, FPS or RPG, solo or coop, what I'm most passionate about is hunting for achievements!

Working in the gaming industry was basically a childhood dream of mine—wanting to be on the other side of the screen and learn how games are made. Then I put that idea aside, thinking it would forever remain a childhood dream. After finishing high school, I pursued a degree in Computer Science without really knowing what I wanted to do in the future. It was during a student project, where we learned web programming by creating a game, that it became clear to me: I had to join a school that would allow me to pursue game development! And here I am, four years later, a graduate of a game programming school and finally working in this field!

I love the challenge of constantly reinventing myself. The field of computer science is constantly evolving, and you can't rely on what you already know! Now that I understand what goes into programming a video game, I sometimes enjoy pondering, during a gaming session, how they managed to accomplish certain things.

If I had to choose a game character that represents me, I would pick Brick from the Borderlands series (one of my favorite game series). He's a big guy with a big heart and an unwavering determination to defend what he believes is right.

During my studies, I had the opportunity to work on a VR game as a student project! However, due to Covid, we had to finish that project at home... The thing is, at that time, my work PC was in the living room, directly connected to the TV. My desk chair was the couch, and my desk was the coffee table. I would spend a minimum of 7 hours a day with an Oculus Rift on my head, working in an environment not meant for work, in the early summer without air conditioning... I strongly advise against anyone having the same setup as I did back then.

Do I prefer tea, coffee, or whisky? Beer, of course! There's a beer for every situation in life!
I'll end this monologue by quoting Gringe: "Maybe I’m like Mario, head in the clouds, looking for a hidden life" (my first idea didn't please the publishing manager...)