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"Hot Lap Racing": Get Ready for the Race of Your Life!

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The engines roar, adrenaline surges, and the track is ready to welcome you into the world of racing, meticulously crafted by our team: "Hot Lap Racing"! Prepare yourself to immerse in iconic tracks, legendary cars, and seasoned drivers.

Hot Lap Racing by Zero Games Studios

Breath-Taking Races

Born from our passion for motorsport and gaming, "Hot Lap Racing" is our inaugural venture into the world of motorsport gaming, available on both the Switch and PC platforms. The intricately detailed cars, circuits, their environments, and the authentic sounds, accompanied by powerful music, create an immersive gaming experience that racing enthusiasts have long awaited.

In "Hot Lap Racing," you'll have the opportunity to pilot an incredible selection of sports cars and legendary racing vehicles. From classic icons to the latest creations from renowned automotive manufacturers, each vehicle has been painstakingly recreated to offer a realistic and exhilarating driving experience. Customize your racing machine according to your preferences and explore a garage filled with mechanical dreams.

Hot Lap Racing by Zero Games Studios

Be the First to Cross the Finish Line!

What would a racing game be without a variety of stunning circuits to explore? "Hot Lap Racing" is no exception. Players will have the chance to compete on circuits from around the world, from the famous Oschersleben to the winding roads of Jarama. Each track presents its own challenge, from tight corners to full-throttle straightaways.

Share the thrill of racing with friends from around the globe through the online multiplayer mode. Compete against real-time opponents, earn rewards, and climb the leaderboards to become the ultimate driver in "Hot Lap Racing." The competition is fierce, but the rewards are greater.

Hot Lap Racing by Zero Games Studios

Available from March 2024!

Announced by our publisher, "Just for Games," the first trailer for "Hot Lap Racing" is now available.

Whether you're a seasoned racing enthusiast or a novice seeking thrills, this game promises hours of pure excitement. Don't wait any longer; prepare to take the wheel and experience the racing fever. Add "Hot Lap Racing" to your Steam wishlist now to ensure you don't miss the game's release!