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Meet Ella, our narrative and game designer

· ZGS Team
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"I grew up playing a lot of different things; among others, Pokémon games on Game Boy Color, The Legend of Zelda on Gamecube and then on Wii, Sonic Adventure... Adventure games, mostly!

Spoiler alert: I still play adventure games and/or RPGs! Right now, I'm playing Hogwarts Legacy and Tunic (which is more of a metroidvania). I really like games where there is a strong emphasis on storytelling, cinematic dialogue and believable characters well anchored in their universe. Since I also have a musical sensibility, the neat OSTs enhance the experience.

I knew I wanted to work in the video game industry since high school. The specialization came to me afterwards, during my studies (which were more focused on the artistic side). It struck me from experience: I've always loved writing, and it turns out that there are needs in this area in video games too. Game design itself is very versatile and that's what I like. What I like in my job as a game designer is when we find a mechanic that works, that pleases and makes total sense in the given universe. In narrative design, it's more about writing dialogues and shaping colorful characters.

If I were a video game character, it would probably be Ciri from The Witcher (books and games). We have a similar temperament!

I make tea all day, and in the evening I enjoy a nice glass of wine.

My biggest shame at work is the time I attended a meeting on a technical subject in English and didn't understand much. I faked it, I think it worked!

To find the extent of my work, you can go on my website.

To finish, I want to share with you this quote: Men become stronger when they realize that the helping hand they need is at the end of their own arm."