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Top 10 worst games in Steam's history

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With more than 10,263 games released on Steam in 2020, Valve's platform sees about 28 games per day. AAA, indie and in-between titles, presenting themselves as both memorable and unremarkable experiences. Steam allows its users to give their opinions, allowing it to establish an average ruling on whether the game has ratings ranging from "extremely positive" to "extremely negative". A review aggregator has established the worst Steam games ranking, time for us to share with you the 10 worst.

The worst steam's games

To establish a ranking of the worst games on Steam, the Steam 250 site is based on the number of reviews posted and the approval rate (percentage of positive votes). A score is then assigned, allowing to set up a ranking. The ranking is determined solely by a mathematical algorithm and the score assigned to each game. The higher the score, the better the game is considered. Thus, the top of the basket is composed of games like Portal 2, Terraria, The Witcher 3 or Hades or Stardew Valley. As for the bottom, we find there the worst games of Steam, to discover just below



With more than 6,000 reviews, of which only 25% are positive, this strategy game supervised by Peter Molyneux (Black & White, Populous) is considered the 10th worst game on Steam. Why is that? Well, simply because this strategy game in god-game mode has slowly turned into a mobile game with a Facebook feel. Despite the nice graphics, building and harvesting require waiting from several minutes to several hours. A highly criticized game design that was never corrected, offering a promising title that turned out to be more than disappointing.


Released in 2016, RollerCoaster Tycoon World is none other than the penultimate iteration of the famous theme park building franchise. But unlike the iconic titles of the saga that created its fame, this opus is so bad that it is among the 10 worst games on Steam. 25% of positive reviews for 2945 ratings, with criticisms against the game's deplorable optimization, construction and decoration limitations as well as problems related to visitors' vomit, dated graphics and persistent crashes and lags.


Gently described as "an invitation to narcolepsy", GASP puts you in the shoes of an astronaut lost on the surface of a planet, alone. His job? Scour the surface to find his companions. Problem: the game is extremely boring. With only 20% of positive reviews out of more than 1600 reviews, GASP seems to have made players furious because of its invisible walls, its monotonous gameplay and its empty universe. The reviews are clear: GASP is to be avoided. But if you want to give it a chance, the game is free on Steam.


With its promise of innovative gameplay, Identity invites players to discover a new type of massively multiplayer online role-playing game where hundreds of players interact in a world of absolute freedom. But with a revolutionary concept comes potential problems. And in the case of Identity, the initial promises have not been kept. Still in early access, the game hasn't been updated in ages and the features that were supposed to arrive are still missing. The opinions are clear: "a rip-off".


A space base built among the stars, a crew of humans and aliens living peacefully from harvesting asteroids to intergalactic trade while surviving hostile assaults, a nice synopsis that unfortunately came up against an unscrupulous studio. Released in 2014 as an early access game, the game will have finally been dropped officially in May 2015. The studio dropped its game shortly after its release, firing twelve of its employees in the process. A disappointment for fans of the genre who had to fall back on the competition.


With only 18% of positive reviews for 1350 published reviews, Kinetic Void is one of those early access games that was never finished. A game that should, in its final form, allow players to embody a space pilot trying to earn a living in the conflict between rival factions in a randomly generated galaxy. These intentions were far too difficult for the developers to achieve and they simply decided to abandon their project. Gamers who believed in their empty words made a point of making their voices heard in the reviews.


A legendary franchise killed by a single game: Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. Rather than offering an opus in the continuity of the saga, Electronic Arts wanted to innovate with an RTS without resources, without base and without balancing. Completely out of sync with the successful franchise, Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight has only 17% of positive reviews out of 2800 published reviews. An abandoned game that regularly crashes with some players, a calamity that should be avoided.


"I've played a lot of bad games in my life but none were so offensive that I felt like the creator was laughing at me for owning it. Please never buy this game for anyone, including yourself. I got it for free but I still feel like I got ripped off. Please don't. Even if someone had paid me, I would have felt like I was being ripped off." 36% of positive reviews for 268 ratings, a game "to be avoided absolutely" that presents itself as "a mush of multicolored pixels in 4/3 that VIOLE your eyes, a scenario impossible to follow, a difficulty that forces you to concentrate on the game". You will have understood, with Uriel's Chasm, it is advisable to pass its way.


A beloved franchise dragged in the mud by a third installment far below its predecessors. With only 14% of positive reviews for 2600 ratings, Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction is the second worst game on Steam, no less. Players are unanimous: the graphics are bad, the inconsistent framerate makes the game horrible, the controls are out of whack, the sounds are nothing to remember and the crashes are meaningless. Despite its popular name, Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction is nothing less than the opus of too much.


To end on a high note, the worst game on Steam is none other than the very recent eFootball 2022. The evolution of the Pro Evolution Soccer saga into a free-to-play service game that was a hit with everyone. Gamers are stunned by such a poor quality title. Especially since the developer is not a lone developer or an indie studio but a big name in the business, namely Konami. Besides the horrible game mechanics, eFootball 2022 stands out from its competitors thanks to its atrocious modeling. A laughable game with 9% of positive reviews for 12,000 evaluations all the same.



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