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Meet Florent, our programer

· ZGS Team
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"I got my first video game at the age of 7, for Christmas, it was Pokémon. I was also given xXx (but it wasn't really my age, I never got to play it...). Often, when I came home from school, I would catch my brother's girlfriend at the time with my GameBoy Advance in her hand. She ended up owning it.

Today, I'm more of a Team PC guy. I have a soft spot for FPS that are not battle royale, which is quite limited... I must admit that I don't play much. I'm one of those who like to discover a game but don't go very far. You could say that I only take the top of the iceberg.

I knew very early that I wanted to do programming, since high school. I started with web, database... I discovered Unity towards the end of middle school, and it was a revelation. Outside of video games, everything looks the same, it bored me quickly. There was no real challenge.

What I love about being a programmer is the challenge. Solving problems, and bringing something to life. It's rewarding and satisfying to see an idea take shape and become real.

If I were a video game character, I would say Spiderman. Like him, I fight crime at night, but only in New York.

For the fun fact, there's not much room in my house, at least not enough to put a real desk. So, I work mostly from my bed... But if I had more space, I would love to be able to install a high desk to work standing up.

You can find some of my work on my Youtube channel.

To conclude, I want to say: With great power comes great responsibility".