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How to increase my turnover with a video game

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When running a business, increasing turnover is one of your main goals. But how can you achieve this in an effective and fun way for your customers? The answer may lie in a constantly growing field: video games. Indeed, video games can offer a variety of commercial benefits for businesses, including marketing, customer loyalty, and sales growth. In this article, we'll explore how you can increase your turnover with a video game.

What is an advergame?

An advergame is a video game created with the purpose of promoting a brand, product, or service. Advergames are often available online or on mobile platforms and can be downloaded for free or for a fee. Advergames can be designed for consumers of all ages and can be used to promote a variety of products and services.

Sims 3 : Katy Perry Délices Sucrés / Doritos : Crash Course 2 / McDonald's : Treasure Land Adventure
  • Advergames can reinforce brand awareness. By integrating the brand name and logos into the game, consumers can associate the brand with a fun and engaging experience.
  • Advergames can increase customer loyalty. Consumers who enjoy the game are more likely to come back to play again or purchase products from the brand.
  • Advergames can improve customer engagement. Games can offer an interactive experience for consumers, thereby increasing their engagement and interest in the brand.

3 advergame ideas:

  • A game integrated into your website to maximize user retention, improve their experience with your brand, and thus increase your sales.
  • A game with real-world prizes to strengthen your users' engagement and make them adhere to your values, culture, and thus strengthen their connection with your brand.

    Example: KFC launched "The Great Bucket Hunt," a mobile adventure game in augmented reality that allows fans of the brand to win food, sports equipment, or culinary experiences.
  • A casual game whose goal is to offer players a dive into your brand's universe: its characters, mascots, products, etc. that are featured in the game. This system reinforces the sense of belonging and affection towards your brand and products.

    Example: The video game "Oasis" released in 2015 was an advergame created by the French beverage brand Oasis. The game was developed to promote their new product called "Oasis Tropical." In the game, players had to help the main character "Tropikool" cross a tropical island, avoiding obstacles and collecting exotic fruits to earn points. The game was available on Oasis' website and could be played for free.

Advergames can be a fun and effective marketing strategy to increase your turnover. By integrating your brand into an engaging and interactive game, you can reinforce brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and improve customer engagement. Need help creating your advergame? You can contact us and explain your project!



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