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6 Key Steps to Submit Your Video Game Idea to Professionals and Bring It to Life

· ZGS Tips

Do you have a video game idea but don't know who to submit it to, how, or when? In our article, we provide you with the 6 key steps to submit your idea to professionals.

1. Note down all your ideas

Begin by creating a rough draft of all your ideas, including mood boards and inspirations. Then, organize and detail your ideas. Describe the key aspects of the game, such as the main features, characters, levels, and more. Don't hesitate to create diagrams to clarify your ideas. The more details you have, the easier it will be to communicate your vision to others.

2. Conduct preliminary research

Before diving in, it's important to conduct research to ensure that your idea hasn't already been realized. Explore existing games, popular genres, and market trends.

3. Create a game design document

Put your idea in writing within a game design document. Describe the key aspects of the game, including the main features, characters, levels, and more. Be sure to include illustrations or diagrams to help visualize your concept. Additionally, consider developing a budget for your game's design. This detail can reassure studios and investors about your seriousness and commitment.

Once you have a strong team and a solid game concept, you can start seeking out video game publishers or investors. Prepare a professional and compelling presentation of your game idea, including the design document and demos if possible. You can contact publishers through their websites, industry events, or personal connections.

5. Explore crowdfunding platforms

If you don't have the funds or are unable to secure a bank loan, you can consider crowdfunding platforms to obtain the necessary funds for development. Popular platforms like Kickstarter or Ulule allow game creators to present their projects and collect funds from the community.

6. Find your ideal partner

Firstly, identify game development studios specializing in the genre of game you have in mind. Look for studios with relevant experience and a track record of creating similar games. Check their websites, review their portfolios, and study their achievements to assess their level of quality and artistic style.

To bring your video game to life may require time and effort, but it is worth it to realize your vision. Remain persistent, be open to collaborations, and continue refining your concept based on the feedback you receive. With the right partner by your side, you are well on your way to creating an exceptional video game.

Optional Step - Create a prototype

If you don't have the resources to immediately start full-scale development, you can create a prototype of the game to demonstrate its key mechanics and appeal. This can be a simple functional prototype or even an interactive mock-up.

Contrary to popular belief, sending a brief email with a few bullet-pointed ideas is not enough to impress a studio, investor, or publisher. If you plan to embark on game design, you must conduct research on the market, the gaming landscape, competition, project feasibility, and more. However, do not be discouraged! While it will indeed require work, the stronger your submission package, the better your chances of bringing your idea to life!